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Relief of Chronic Pain in Almere

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  • Are you suffering from chronic pain?
  • Have you visited many therapists but nobody was able to help you?
  • Do you have pain in your back? Headaches? Do you lose sleep as a result?
  • Does the pain limit your possibilities and drains your energy?
  • As a result, do you participate less frequently in enjoyable activities?
  • How to get rid of your pain?

What will you gain?

In one single session I will locate the cause of your chronic pain and will take away that cause. As a result the muscles in your body will be working again as they should and thus the balance in your body restored.  A recently developed method of doing the correction makes that you as a rule do not have to do homework.

A very good thing about a treatment session by Triggerpoint Almere is that already in one session a distinct positive result will be obtained. With only a very few exceptions, you will experience that a pain reduction of at least 50% is won. In the subsequent sessions you and I will join our efforts to come to an even further reduction of the pain.

“Less pain will give you more energy and more motivation to enjoy life!.”


What will I do about your chronic pain?

The two main techniques that I use are Triggerpoint therapy and Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT). When using NKT I will pinpoint the cause of your chronic pain while I will use the Triggerpoint therapy to release the pain cause. As a NKT therapist I check with very specific tests the proper functioning of the muscles. Therefore, I can determine which muscles are “switched on” or “switched off” by the motor control center in the brain.

By bringing back online the muscles that were switched off, the balance in the body is restored. Usually the whole body posture improves immediately. As a result, the restored balance provides the return of normal body strength and a reduction of the pain.

What will you do?

The treatment of triggerpoints is done mainly by the client him or herself. You can treat yourself very well, in multiple short sessions per day. The therapist coaches the client in this process and periodically checks the self treatment and adjusts if necessary. After a few sessions usually the therapist has made himself superfluous. Bad for the business but good for the client…. To get all the muscles to function really optimal again can take a period of weeks to months.

What will a session look like?

During the first session a quite extensive intake is done to give the therapist a good impression of the complaints and their possible background. Subsequently the tests and the treatment will follow. Each session is closed with instructions for self treatment. Sessions are usually one hour, but with very complicated chronic pain complains that exist for years already it is wise to book a 90 minutes session.

What are the costs of the pain relief sessions?

A one hour session costs 86 euro’s. A 75 minutes session is 105 euro’s and a 90 minutes session costs 125 euro’s. 

David Weinstock, NKT founder, with Jan Bart.

Not a native English speaker?

Don’t worry. I am used to work with foreigners. We will surely manage together. I will guide you through the process. My German is reasonably fluent as well. Wenn gewünscht, reden Wir Deutsch.

Pain treatment, you are good to go in Almere!

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You can book your pain treatment session online at Triggerpoint Almere using the book now button. You can also call me (in English) at phone number +31620625230 or send a message to

Have a look at the bottom of the pijnbestrijding page for an English review of a client that was treated for her chronic pain.

Five misconceptions:

He will stick needles in me and that hurts! No, I will not stick needles in you. I just use my hands.

But when he uses his hands that will hurt a lot as well! Yes, you will feel that I am treating you. But I always ask my clients to tell me when pain becomes uncomfortable. A six to seven on a scale of 1-10 is acceptable. Not more. With a seven you can still relax.

I’ll have to lie there almost completely naked! No. The testing can be done with thin elastic clothes on. Jeans are not recommended. I recently examined and treated a muslim woman with her clothes on. Not easy but absolutely possible!

This whole triggerpoint thing is very woolly and nothing exact or scientific. Wrong. I work with very specific tests according to strict protocols. Results usually are unambiguous. After the treatment I test again to see whether I have worked on the real cause of the problem or whether there is something else wrong. I also prefer it when clients have pain when they come to me. I will not rest untill the pain is greatly diminished.

I will need lots of sessions and that will bleed me of my money. Usually after about three sessions the pain will be well under control so that you will need to revisit me at a very low frequency. If at all….